Terms of Use


To provide an internet means to transfer files between systems, similar to how thumbdrives are used.

Basic Agreement

  • Due to COPPA, The minumum age to use this service is 13
  • You agree that you will not use this service for illegal or unauthorized purposes, such as:
    • Copyright Infringement
    • Exchange of Government, Trade, or other protected secrets
    • Software, Music or other piracy.
    • Using the software as a backup service.
    • Segmenting a file into multiple parts.
    • Exchange of child pornography
    • Commercial or Business Uses of this site
  • You agree you will:
    • Comply with any and all local laws regarding file or data exchange and online conduct.
  • You understand that:
    • We log all the things, uploads, downloads, IPs, PPs, and so on.
    • We comply with DMCA Take Down Requests
    • We work with law enforcement and copy protection groups with legitimate requests and subpoenas
    • The files you uploaded might get a free virus while on our servers, though we don't intentionally do this.
    • The files you upload may be deleted right away, overwritten, corrupted, or never even show up in our system.
    • The site is as-is, with no warranties, including the fitness for a particular purpose.
    • Downloading files here is just as bad as from anywhere else. Scan the downloads before using them.
    • Your files are not private, including those with enhanced hashes. Resource Enumeration is quite possible here.
    • We may, at any time, publicly perform any items uploaded to the site, such as display of images uploaded, playing music uploaded, and so on.
    • We may, at any time, for any reason, modify or terminate this service.
    • We may, at any time, for any reason, modify these Terms of use, without notice to you.
    • We may remove or block any content, users, or information at any time.