About Bit4.Me

Bit4.Me is really just a file sharing site. Occasionally we will add features, this is to confuse you.

Another File Site?

Yes. I was tired of seeing an ad, typing in a captcha, or dealing with terribly throttled downloads. I've wrote code for years, and decided this was a place to use it.

The site helps when exchanging files between PCs, or VMs when you don't feel like using a thumb drive, and that's exactly why I made it -- server configuration files.

Is it secure?

Not at all. The files are stored unencrypted with plain metadata all over the place. The URLs are super easy to figure out as well.

It is for that reason that you do not use this service for information you care about. As soon as you hit upload, that shit is public.

I won't even pretend, so when your nudes leak out or somebody decides that today is a nice day for an all-expense paid white wedding, you sir will have more than Billy to Idol.

Is it reliable?

Let's just say that I am running this site under these conditions: Now that you have that pictured, I will tell you my set up is worse. It isn't, but I don't need some BS SLA suit.

Will it blend?

Yes, it will. Filesharing dust, don't breathe this!

Great, another piracy site!

Woah bro. I don't want to get my door kicked down because you want to play Sim City for free. The files you upload are subject to a ton of limitations, such as:

How is this sustainable? Wouldn't this just bleed money?

Yes! It does! But that's fine. I have a bunch of spare hard disk space, and I needed a service to, for example, transfer a full-size picture to somebody on Facebook -- FB resizes it and runs pngcrush, jpeg compression, etc on images. That's unacceptable if I'm trying to send a photo-quality image to somebody.

The value it provides me is extended to you because I can't be alone. No ads, no captchas, just right. I can't say it will be this way forever, if there's abuse etc.

Why 101 MB Limit?

Because 100 just didn't feel like enough.

I really made this site to make sharing files with myself easier. Don't make me feel stupid for being a nice guy.