Frequenty Asked Questions

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  1. What is an extended hash?
  2. What is Auto-Expiration
    1. Expiration Control
    2. What happens when a file expires?

What is an extended hash?

Bit4.Me typically uses an easy to predict file hash to keep the characters you must type to a minimim when sharing links, however sometimes you don't want people who make crawler scripts to simply download your file by jumping through our site.

You can choose "Use Extended Hash" when you upload your file, this will add a modifier to your link that allows us to match your file to the hash, which helps ensure that only those you've given access to should have it.

It is important to note that these files should be considered just as public, however, and once shared, the link is essentially the same as one without the hash -- due to human nature.

What is Auto-Expiration

To limit the amount of files on our system that may potentially never have another download, every file will eventually expire.

Expiration Control

  • You may specify a maximum number of downloads before the file becomes unavailable, or enter "0" for no maximum.
  • You may specify a time period for the file to expire, up to 6 months.

What happens when a file expires?

Files that expire are no longer accessible from the web inteface. These files are then earmarked for deletion, but may remain on the system for a longer period of time to support site functions or due to existance within backups.